Modeling the Christian way

Everything Emanuel does centers around our mission to “lovingly connect people to God by nurturing faith in all God’s children.” To achieve this, we focus on six core areas within our ministry:

Here is where we teach the Word of the Lord and adoration at Sunday services,
which feature bible readings, related sermons as well as traditional and contemporary
music and practices. Our pastor, altar guild, planning team, worship assistants,
and other volunteers help make it all happen. We offer wedding, baptism, and funeral

services too.

This area includes the business side of our services. Our Council sets the church’s

focus for activities and finances. Other helpers take care of hospitality, memorials,
property care, and technology, records management, and communication.

To encourage the community to worship or partner with us, we reach out in a variety
of ways. We stay connected to nearby churches, participate in local events, provide
warm reception to visitors, and provide another source of inspiration through our
Facebook page.

Spiritual Growth
We are here to help develop your faith! We offer many opportunities for learning outside
​of Sunday Services. We have bible study groups and schools for youth of all ages and adults.

What little we have, we are quick to give back to those in need—whether it is food, hygienic services, emergency support, or medical equipment. We also regularly worship with prisoners at the local prison.

Congregational Life
Emanuel’s family and friends stay connected and care for one another through various groups for men, women, and children. They sponsor ministry fundraisers, prayer chains, social activities, potlucks, and service projects that benefit the community.